Zion Continues To Push Christian Music Boundaries with ‘Calvary’.

At the end of last month, Manchester based, indie artist, Zion released his second single of 2018, Calvary; bringing a sound that continues to challenge the boundaries of Christian music.

Embodying an atmospheric and rhythmically captivating flow, the new single gives listeners a glimpse into Zion’s creative musical mind and honest yet thought-provoking story-telling ability.
Calvary challenges the ‘Christian music’ sound and pushes the concept of how Christian music should be presented.

“I wanted to create a sound that I wanted to hear and tell the story of the Cross in a way that made it accessible to people like me. It’s so important to me that my music expresses who I am as a Christian, an artist and a lover of music. I want to hear these kinds of stories. I want to hear these kinds of sounds.”


Lyrically, Calvary attempts to narrate the story of the Cross in a way that allows the listener to connect to the emotional and physical pain of Jesus. The story of the Cross is demystified and allows people who may not know Jesus to connect with it.

‘Calvary’ Is Perfect For Resting And Reflecting in Him!

Co-produced by Zion and Victor Sonus, Calvary is available to buy and stream on all major online platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.



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