Who is Plug?

From the heart of Durham “Bull City” North Carolina, hails Plug.

A female MC with a little something special that can only be described as a different kind of flow.


Plug (Born Alyssa J. Tatum) is a spitter that you will come to know & love. From her lyrical rhymes to her raw formed spoken word pieces, she truly is the next face of Hip Hop. Her uncut lyrics layered with her unplugged flow has been handcrafted by God to reach the youth & the nations.

At the age of 9 Plug was prophesied to in Chicago O’Hare International airport by an evangelist singing for the glory of God.  This lady told Plug that God was going to use her in a mighty way to impact the world.  Ever since that young age Plug has been on a mission to understand what that meant.  After graduating from Hillside High-school, Plug packed her bags and moved to Washington DC. There, the young MC set out on her journey to become a Communication & Culture major at Howard University. Striving to live up to the expectations of her family, yet God had another plan that would turn this woman’s life around! During her junior year, Alyssa had an encounter with God that changed her vision from blurry to clear and decided that it was time to use her gift to tell her story. 16 bars flew out of her, straight from the heart and “Unplugged” (now known as Plug) was born. This young MC strives to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through her music to not only connect with the youth but to share her testimonies & reach the “unloved generation”.


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Snapchat @unplugintolove

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