Who is ChXsen?

Independent artist Erick Cea aka ‘ChXsen‘, was born and raised in Los Angeles CA in a Christian household. His family relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2000.

After growing up and witnessing the flaws and issues of the church not walking out what they preach about, he walked away from the ways of the Lord at 18 and began to live a life of drinking, partying, drugs, pursuing a secular rap career and being lost in the ways of the world.

In 2012, however, Erick had a supernatural encounter that would forever change his life. He surrendered his life and music to Christ. After a few years of strengthening his relationship with Jesus, ChXsen was led to once more use his talents to create music but this time to glorify the Lord and as a tool to bring light in this lost generation. His vision to see a true revival and awakening for the body of Christ in the Pacific Northwest is what drives him to fulfill his purpose and his transparent and anointed music reflects just that.

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