Video Release// Daniel AMP – ‘My America’

Last month Daniel AMP released the official music video for his latest single, ‘My America’.

It takes united people to heal a divided land. As hatred spreads abroad in today’s world, people stand heartbroken, angry, confused, and searching for answers; yet where shall they turn when everyone’s treating the symptoms of this pain, but no one is treating the pain?

Why have hope that things will change when we see no evidence of change? What do we do when our country pumps fear into our hearts and we feel alone and scared?

Daniel AMP seeks to address these very questions in his second music video “My America” from his upcoming album Dusk Till Dawn. These are tough topics, but important ones and Daniel doesn’t just want to be another artist who has a voice, but doesn’t use it. So pull up a chair to the round table and join the discussion because Daniel AMP has something to say!

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