Veteran Christian Rapper, Corey Red and ‘Political Science 101’

Corey Red is a veteran Christian rapper who is known to hold no punches with his words!

An emcee from the era of CrossMovement & Tunnel Rats, Disc Jockeys, Grafitti… and dare I say, Durags.

Anyone who is aware of Christian Hip Hop history would note Corey Red & Precise. As a duo, Corey Red & Precise brought the ‘ruff, rugged & raw’, wax on the tracks, of a heavy unwavering Boom Bap soundtrack.

Even popular rapper Andy Mineo tweeted about the emcee in 2015;

Corey’s style is often forward, brash; without remorse and personal; embroidered with vivid imagery; at times hard to swallow subject matters of social-political, history & philosophy akin to UK rapper Cerose.

Christian Hip Hop site, Jam The Hype wrote:

“Corey Red has been delivering dope Christian hip-hop since the 90s. ‘Resistance Iz Futile‘ (2004) by Corey Red and Precise is considered a CHH classic that embodies the traditional east coast hip-hop sound.”

For further understanding you would have to dig into the archives of YouTube and his last full album: “Crashin Da Party

With “Political Science 101” released, Corey Red, who once rapped:

“im a grown man, watch a grown man talk”

..Is still talking his talk! (At times uses profanity!)

Corey Red

Corey gave a disclaimer giving his strong content manner & choice words at times.

We caution you to listen to the video below:

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