Vessel Music’s, “A Conversation With..” Series

A Conversation With

In a culture of oversaturated social media, presumed intentions and actions – it’s easy to be lost in the mirage of ‘image’ and the ‘ideas’ of persons and groups.

We do this more so, with public figures; those we look up to and/or learn from, whether it’s a speaker, a public figure or musician!

But, who are these people really; behind the name, the image & the art?

Vessel Music‘s “A Conversation With” series, will bring you up close, to the persons behind the names!

This series of LIVE chats will see them have honest & unfiltered conversations with real people!

The first two episodes have included two MOBO nominees, rapper and speaker, Jay Ess and musician, David B.


A Conversation With; Vital Signs and NonameDisciple are both coming soon too!

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