Upcoming Event// Gospel Vibez

Christian rapper, 4fingaz, from Reading, has organised a concert called Gospel Vibez which is taking place on Saturday 1st July.

He says that God wanted him to organise a concert where all denominations of Christians, young and old, could come together under one roof and praise the King of Kings.

This concert is for everyone, for people who do not know God yet, to feel comfortable and not pressured into coming and singing praises in His presence. There will be choirs, different worship teams from Reading churches, local gospel acts and much more!

“I am organising this event with the youth of our church. God loves the young people and they love Him too. This event will encourage and empower them to share the Gospel with their friends. This concert is a fund raising initiative to raise money for so many different initiatives that God has laid on my heart for the young Christians and non-Christians of Reading Town.”

4fingaz is extremely passionate about the youth, because they are our future! As part of the initiatives that God has spoken to him about, he wants to create an environment; activities, festival workshops; where all of the youth of different churches, (and those who are young at heart) can come and praise, learn, network and pray together.

“There is nothing in Reading like this that I am aware of, God wants us to step in and bridge that gap.”

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