UK Artists come together in Unity for ‘This is England’

Released early last month, “This is England” is a collaboration album featuring various different artists from across the UK who came together, in unity, to spread the message of the Gospel.

There is a variety of different styles on the album; along with Hip-Hop, there’s also Grime and RnB.

The album was the dream of Jason Napalm (now known as CODEX) for artists from all over the UK to come together in unity; to put together a collaborative album, with the support and combined efforts from J-Chief, J-Walker, Kapes, taktx1 and Raynelah Osborne; the dream was made a reality.

Individually, all of these artists have made a name for themselves within the scene, with their individual projects and releases but coming together with their different unique styles, on one album will definitely be a moment to remember!

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