UK Artist Theon, releases brand new single, ‘Sanctuary’

Following on from his amazing smash hit Light of The World; British artist Theon has dropped yet another fantastic single, which was released yesterday, May 14th.

The new track titled ‘Sanctuary‘ delivers an awesome soulful sound, with the lyrics taking inspiration from the story of the Prophet Ezekiel; commemorated as one of the greatest patriarchs in the Old Testament, who was taken up by the Spirit and shown the hidden sin and acts that dwelt within God’s people.

Theon has returned, this May, with a full sound, illustrating vivid snippets in time. As the story continues, God’s intent was to administer the severe judgement beginning at his house, the ‘Sanctuary’. With attitude and honest charm, Theon depicts his desire is to be in a state of readiness, waiting at the sanctuary for judgement.

With a mid-tempo soulful sound; Theon guarantees unique style and vibe which allows you to look internally.






The front cover for the track was photographed by Jonathan Ellis in an ancient chapel and cleverly reflects an ancient time, with Theon portraying the image of himself kneeling before God, ready to accept His Judgement. This was a cleverly thought out design which works extremely well with the story. Theon strongly refers to scripture and incorporates the Book of Revelation: references to the metal imprints of the seal of ‘Yesuah’ and the fingerprint of God which has marked him.

2018 will most definitely be a big one for Theon, with news that he’ll be releasing his second album later this year, as well as several other singles.

If Light of The World and Sanctuary are anything to go by then we already know that something special is coming; we’re sure this will be his break-out album and personally, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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