Trumps up!

As the world sees a new President in the White House, many a people already worry for the future of the Western world; ‘How is this new Elect going to deal with the handling of one of the worlds most powerful countries?’, ‘Will he stop or start WW3?’, ‘Are the old allies going to be friend or foe in this new season of politics?’.

What does Trump have to do with relevant news concerning Christian Hip Hop/Grime and other media relatives? – I hear you ask.. well the truth is, nothing really but as people, we tend to find worries in the silliest of places, to do with things that don’t really concern us.

As it stands we have our elected King and Lord already in place, in fact, He was elected even before we came about, by his Father, aka our God – and He is the one we turn to in times of trouble, problems in our lives, painful situations that arise in our day to days.

Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter who is in power of any country, we know our President, King, Saviour – His name stands perfect before us – JESUS!

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t pray for our leaders; we definitely should pray for them to be diligent, loving, graceful and dynamic in their approaches of leadership but overall, remember that it is the law of love that we are lead by.

– Enough said about politics! What’s new with the Christian music scene?!

Well, as we have entered 2017, many artists have already jumped in with new music being released. The likes of;

  • Essex rapper, Anon‘s, ‘Am I Enough?’ EP
  • Miami based emcee ILISH released a collaborative project with Derby native GhostLotus, entitled ‘Stopping’.
  • East London rapper AStar has featured a 2017 version of ‘#TwoZeroOneSeven’, in a video showcasing his hard hitting rap style.

And much more new music is eagerly awaited on from;

  • InderPaul Sandhu‘s EP
  • Jason Why‘s EP
  • GhostLotus‘s mixtape
  • Unique Creation‘s EP
  • Triple-O‘s new project

and many more!

So wake yourself up, dust yourself off and walk tall in this new year, as we boldly walk in faith,  love and music.

Written by Andy Oliver



Andy Oliver is the founder of 70×7 Clothing & Music. He manages UK Grime artist, GhostLotus and J.Walker and takes bookings for other artists. Apart from running his 70×7 Clothing label, he is also the presenter of HopeJamz Hip Hop show on HopeFM and organises music events around the UK.

Andy lives in Dorset with his son, Noah and is a firm believer in Jesus Christ.


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