‘This Is America’ draws comparison to Tobe Nwigwe’s – ‘From The Swat’

The video for ‘From The Swat’, released in late 2017; draws comparison to Childish Gambino’s – ‘This Is America’ as they both paint a powerful and poignant allegorical portrait of 21st Century America.

The first time I came across Tobe Nwigwe, it was through this music video; ‘From The Swat’.

Tobe is described as an “inspirational artist” whose lyrical content penetrates the minds of its listeners & ignites fire within their hearts. Tobe has a tremendously unique way of creating music that relates to a variety of demographics.

I agree that Tobe has a very unique way of approaching his work. I especially, took notice it the cultural injection in his video and the use of tone in his vocals.

His tonal style and cadence at points reminded me of BIG K.R.I.T. and there is a Southern flava in his relaxed flow.

Tobe’s lyrical ability is evident; from his poetic devices to cadence.

Listen close to Tobe Nwigwe, he’s one to watch!





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