Christian Rapper, Th3 Saga releases new single ‘Man Down’.

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Brooklyn born and raised, Th3 Saga has become influential within the Christian Hip Hop scene. Initially his desire was to pursue a secular music career, but after a turn of events, inspired by his mother, his heart towards Christian music changed. Working alongside a number of well known Christian artists, his first release entitled ‘L.O.N.E.R’ become available in the summer of 2013.


Th3 Saga didn’t always want to be involved in Christian Hiphop!

Christian Rapper

His latest single, ‘Man Down’ is yet another example of how Christian music can also be reminiscent of what is popular within the mainstream; whilst still carrying a message of faith.

Produced by ‘I AM K BEATZ’, the ‘Man Down’ instrumental instantly draws in and captivates the listener!

“Back when I was younger, momma couldn’t pay the rent,

Before I Started getting payed events,

Now I literally get paid to vent!”

– Th3 Saga

Lyrically, Th3 Saga addresses different heart attitudes in ‘Man Down’. There are a number of ways to become successful, and sometimes they aren’t always in line with what God desires. Th3 Saga mentions the various ways you can differ from what God has for you and instead highlights how, remaining on God’s side is far more beneficial.

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