T-Bone is back with Chuurch!

T-Bone is back with ‘Chuurch‘ and T-Bone’s still lyrically hard!

The Niguaraguan/Elsavadorian, Californian native has been active in music since 1989, on record!

This emcee was kicking lyrics and “killing demons” (obviously biblically in error) wayyyyyy before CHH had it’s running legs of worldwide exposure and still gave us his experiences with slick videos.

The Bay Area emcee has many Grammy Nominations & Dove Awards under his belt alongside collaborations that would make Lecrae’s latest manovuers pale in comparisons.

He was at one time at the forefront of a movement that held hands with names like Gospel Gangstas who were reaching the hard to reach, criminally minded individuals in the neighborhood.

T-Bone’s newest single ‘Broken English’, is set for release on March 15th and you can pre order it on iTunes now!

Respect T-Bone! & Listen to ‘Chuurch’.

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