BRIT Awards 2018: Stormzy gives the glory to God!

Man of the moment Stormzy wins two awards at this years Brits.

Known for his unapologetic approach, Stormzy’s debut album ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ has seen him boast two awards this year.

Before Stormzy continued to go on and thank everyone who contributed to his success this year, he first stopped to give the glory to God.

“Thank God, because that’s the reason I’m here! “

– Stormzy

He also continued to glorify God the second time he won.

“Firstly, I always give all the glory to God, God this is all you, this is all you God.

“I know that a lot of people, when I give the glory to God, it seems such a strange thing, but if you know God, you know it’s all him.”

We are celebrating Stormzy’s success this year because of how he is choosing to conduct himself in a place that is otherwise against the practice of Christianity.

Regardless of your opinions, we need people who have great influence to speak of their relationship with Jesus in the mainstream. We need our generation to see that God is with us – Stormzy is doing that!

Got Apple Music? Listen to ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ here!

‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ from a Christian perspective!

If you are a Christian who somewhat disagrees with how Stormzy is going about spreading the Gospel message, it’s understandable – we hear your opinions.

That said, when listening through ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’, it’s easy to see the battle going on within Stormzy – God is clearly prominent in Stormzy’s life. The majority of the tracks give you an insight into his struggles and how he maintains a life in the hood whilst remaining constant in prayer.

When thinking about the Psalms, not every one of them is glorifying to God. In fact when you read into the majority of them, they speak of heartbreak, fear, worry, doubt, unrighteousness and even sin. The prominent theme throughout the Psalms, is that they all point to Jesus being the Truth; something of which Stormzy is very much attempting to do with his debut album.

Stormzy isn’t claiming to be a ‘Christian rapper’, releasing Gospel music, something which can be easily confused. Honestly, his efforts have to be commended, he is willing to discuss his understanding of Jesus with people who otherwise, wouldn’t normally hear about the saving grace of God.

We understand the need for Christian music, charts and television dedicated to uplifting the body of Christ.

We get that worship music should remain holy in its approach.

Forgetting that for a moment though, ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ isn’t trying to be worship music.

So if you do find yourself listening through please keep in mind that regardless of how you acknowledge your faith, Stormzy is doing nothing but portraying his understanding of Jesus.


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