Reminiscences// Creation Fest

Unique Creation talks about his experience at Cornwall’s Christian Festival, ‘Creation Fest’.


We caught up with Unique Creation to chat about his recent time at Creation Fest.

It’s Showtime

We started 30 minutes later than expected but before we knew it, the venue was absolutely packed. Everyone on the set brought amazing energy with a mix of their own styles. 

Hosted by Feed’Em, First up was Cerose with raw hard truth. Second was Unique Creation with pure energy, which got the crowd on their feet, screaming and dancing, and Thirdly was InderPaul Sandhu, who brought someone special onto the stage with him; this special someone was a young boy that he met at Creation Fest 2016, who promised to come back if InderPaul was on the set. Their reunion was absolutely memorable. The final person up was Skye, who ended the show with a soulful finish that left the crowd shouting his lyrics back to him.

“The atmosphere was amazing, and filled with so much energy, with very bright sunlight. I have never walked into such a big event and felt so much love from people. I hope to be able to return next year.

As I arrived in the area with InderPaul Sandhu and Charles of KCMix, I was hit with a lot of emotion because I knew that I was involved in the largest Christian music event that I have ever participated in. I was immediately met with human warmth which matched the bright sunlight. I met people for the first time and their sincerity, kindness and transparency felt like I had know them for a long time and I knew that they were people that I wanted to stay in touch with. A lot of the people that I met were not UK based but people from Spain and America.

It made the Kingdom of Heaven even more real to me as I could see the stories of the book of Acts come to life. I remember meeting a bunch of young kids and one of them, who could not have been over the age of 16, invited me and InderPaul to come and have dinner with him and his family. He later told his elder about us, to which there was no objection. The love was so obvious that it would have shaken the hardest heart and encouraged a weakened one.

As well as meeting fellow artists, which included new and familiar faces, they were willing to share intimate stories about their lives, swap contact details and pray for each other.

It truly was a loving and spirit filled experience from beginning to end. There were people and churches from abroad and they all came just to join in on the joyous occasion. There was such a diverse collection of people from different ages, cultures, countries and backgrounds but the differences only gave a platform for engaging conversation and spiritual connection, as siblings under The Most High.

Creation Fest is a yearly event, truly worth planning for, every single year. If you go alone, you will most definitely make new friends and if you go with your family, it will bring you closer together in a Godly atmosphere.”

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