Thi’sl keeps it real with ‘Frauds’

Thi’sl is the name, and if you know anything about him, he has been the ‘real’ hood rapper who had to toll the line between Christian rap and hood rap; with a grimey voice and gritty trap beats since the start.

His releases have been mostly personal and evangelistic aimed at those from his background, of which he was involved in gangs and drugs.

His last album ‘Levitate’ had hard knocking beats, gritty rhymes and plenty of life experiences to meditate on.

In ‘Frauds‘ Thi’sl keeps it real as he states in a Facebook post;

“The past hours of my life have been a hell of a ride. I faced, endured, overcame and I’m still overcoming some of the most traumatic things that have happened in my life, all while being scrutinized in the public eye.

People that I loved, that claimed they loved me, took this as an opportunity to talk behind my back instead of reaching out to see about my well being. I had people that called me brother and friend leave me for dead!

My desire to do the one thing that has always been the most therapeutic for me was dying more and more! I didn’t even want to create. Then boom it hit me, this is just another storm that will past and more pain that will bring perseverance and hope to myself as well as others.

Through it all I saw the flaws in myself, who was fake and who was really riding to the wheels fall off.

Tomorrow or should I say at midnight It’s time for a new beginning. No apologies given!!!!!! “

Thi’sl has some things to get off his chest and I’m sure the listener can relate to this, as we’ve all been betrayed at some point in our lives.

Listen to ‘Frauds by Thi’sl here:

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