London Pastor prophesies; Brexit will make Britain great again!

London based Nigerian Pastor, Sam Adetona, founder of the Harvest Mission Outreach Church, London, believes that he has heard from God in regard to Brexit and wants to encourage the UK to be at peace with the direction the country is going in.


“God told me that he is going to use Brexit to turn the UK economy around. The economic blessing that was given to the USA will be given to Britain. “

– Pastor Sam Adetona

Pastor Sam also said that God showed him a vision about Brexit and how it would make the UK powerful again back in 2009. The UK is scheduled to depart the EU on Friday 29th March 2019 at 11pm UK time, however recent polls have indicated that there is an increased number of people regretting the vote to leave.

In such uncertain times Pastor Sam is hoping that the prophesy brings a sense of security and peace to British Citizens. The Pastor is keen to share what he calls ‘a message of hope’ to the UK.

Pastor Sam Adetona leads a bi-monthly event, Britain Arise, which aims to bring about the radical reform needed in order for the church to permeate the promised revival that will invoke God’s blessings upon Great Britain.

Britain Arise; an event of prayer and worship to prepare the ground and the hearts of the people of the UK for a wind of Revival.

The next event is set to take place on May 18th 2018.

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