InderPaul Sandhu | P:100 Sessions 

InderPaul Sandhu is back!

You can ‘Get to Know’ him here, watch his ‘I AM Session’ here and read our review on his recently released EP, ‘The #iPaulEP’ here.

We hope that by now, you have a greater understanding of the creative mind that is, InderPaul Sandhu. In this P:100 Session, InderPaul takes us wayyyy back! – with exclusive rhymes over old skool beats, that we are sure you will recognise.

InderPaul Sandhu is definitely a firecracker for the Kingdom of God and someone you should watch closely!

He is performing at The Big Church Day Out, North site on Friday June 2nd, supported by Feed’Em and backed by the amazing band that is, Maryland Station and as we mentioned before, has just released an awesome EP, ‘The #iPaulEP’ – check it out! >>

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