NF’s newest single, ‘Let You Down’ added to KISSFRESH radio playlist

Nate Feuerstein is more commonly known as the Hip Hop/Alternative recording and performing artist, NF.
In his albums, NF tells his story with lyrical vulnerability complimented by raw energy.
His music draws from many real life struggles, including being abused as a child, struggling with anger issues, and losing his mother to a drug overdose.
We came across NF earlier this year and have been following him ever since. He has made a massive impact in the USA, as his third studio album, ‘Perception’ topped The Billboard Chart for an entire week in October, making him the best-selling musician in the entire country; Christian and secular markets alike.

NF does not just aim his music at the Christian market and he is influencing the secular too.

We even heard his newest track ‘Let You Down’ playing on KISS FRESH last week; which is a UK based Digital Radio station – the sister station to KISS FM, “playing non-stop new beats including Hip Hop, R&B, EDM and Garage”.

It was not just a one off, they are playing ‘Let You Down’ constantly!



NF embodies the ethos which birthed Think Bigger;

“Driven by the frustration of how Jesus is improperly portrayed in mainstream media, we have set out to make Jesus relevant again. With a deep love for music and Jesus, our desire is to create an alternative platform for Christians to promote themselves and God.

The logo and it’s colours, the website and the aesthetics of Think Bigger itself, are intentional – it doesn’t shout ‘Jesus’ for a reason! When Jesus was ministering to drug dealers, murders, prostitutes and many others, he was clearly relatable, otherwise the majority would have completely dismissed him – we desire to be the same!”

– Think Bigger.

NF is reaching the lost by sharing his own experiences and his relationship with God.

In a Freestyle called; ‘Rhyme and Reason – Real’, he talks about his journey of faith and how God has given him music and rap to help him along the way.

In celebration of his new album, ‘Perception’, NF is touring throughout the US at the start of 2018.


NF is a massive inspiration to people all over the world, we encourage you to find out more about him and listen to what he has to say.

NF on Social Media –






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