New Release// ‘Just a Preview’ – J-Chief

‘Just a Preview’ is a 4 track EP based on real life situations, it is also a preview on what is to come in J-Chief’s future project, in which he will be speaking about deeper issues that happen within society.


The first track of the EP is ‘Childhood Memories’ where J-Chief is reminiscing about his childhood speaking about all the good times he had as a child growing up

The second track of the EP is called ‘Why’ ft Adrenn, this track is J-Chief having a conversation with God about how he is feeling and the troubles he is facing and why he has to go through it but that God is reminding him that everything is going to be ok and he also shares an encouragement from his close friend; that your trouble to you may seem like it is going to last forever but to God it is only a day.

The third track of the EP is called ‘Able To Win It’. This track is putting 3 different stories into one song. On the first verse he talks about a young child with cancer; praying that he gets better because he is a young child with his whole life ahead of him and also asks God to comfort his family while they are facing this ongoing battle.

In the second verse he then talks about someone being evicted from their house and that he was shocked when he came across the person but despite that person being in their lowest state they still have faith that things are going to get better for them.

The third verse is general encouragement for people that don’t want to face tomorrow because life is frustrating for them, or people that have suicidal thoughts; giving them a message of hope that life will get better and what they are going through is only for a season.

The fourth and final track of the EP is called ‘Be Free’, which talks about someone getting their first job and how it was all going well for them but half way through they lost their job and then went through a rough time and lost hope but J-Chief encourages the person; letting them know that even though you might lose or find it difficult to keep a stable job, don’t let it put you through depression or anxiety but trust in God and let your mind be free.

You can download J-Chief’s new EP FREE here >>

A real and positive encouragement for anyone who is facing struggles in their lives.



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