Album Release// Dee 1 – ‘Slingshot David’

Just a few days ago, Dee 1 released his brand new album, ‘Slingshot David’.

Known for his likeable and candid personality, a pleasant and inspirational character in the Christian rap scene and to his former students.

Working under RCA Inspiration, he has taken his community focused music to the mainstream; touring and rubbing shoulders with established veterans along the way.

He has stated that this album is;

“The story of my life told thru music!!! Once you press play, the rest is history”.

– Dee 1

The album is available EVERYWHERE now >

Dee 1

We have also been listening (on repeat) to his single, ‘Hood Villains’, released just last month.

Dee 1

This single, however wasn’t as gentle and humorous as previous ‘Saile Mae’.

It brings to mind the controversy that had previously arisen in 2015, when Dee 1 wanted to release a Lil Wayne inspired mixtape, titled, ‘Separated at Birth’.

– This meant that he received a host of legal and physical threats to deter him from doing so.

Lil Wayne bans Dee 1’s mixtape;

In ‘Hood Villains’, Dee 1 doesn’t shy away from addressing the various ‘villains in his community!

Dee 1, on Facebook, captioned the cover art for ‘Hood Villains’; “Best song of my career!”

Listen to Dee 1 – ‘Hood Villains’.

We love the old school feel of this track and Dee 1’s flow is timeless, this is a definite ‘rewind and replay’! A deep message within a fun and enjoyable track – something which Dee 1 executed perfectly with this tune.

Dee 1 is doing a US Tour to celebrate the release of ‘Slingshot David’ throughout January and February 2018, you can get tickets here >

@DEE1MUSIC on Social Media.


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