New Release// ‘Big Man’ 


Melvillous, who has been featured on SBTV #LiveTrax and Beats1 Radio via Apple Music, with his track ‘Pray & Pattern’; dropped his newest single tonight, ‘Big Man’.



Melvillous is a Grime & Hip Hop artist born and raised in East London.

Inspired by the likes of So Solid Crew, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and other successes that have grown out of London; Melvillous is attempting to follow in their footsteps and shed light on issues faced by the city’s urban youth.

Capturing the essence of London street culture, whilst communicating a deeper spiritual message; Melvillous paints vivid pictures with his lyrics.

Melvillous is an exciting emcee who we have been following for some time, he is up there with the best and this new track, ‘Big Man’ gives us an idea of what is to come from him.

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