New Release// ‘#BAHIF’

The young and vibrant Christian artist, Happi, who has a passion to inspire and motivate young people, released his new EP entitled, ‘#BAHIF’ (Boy and his imaginary friend) TODAY!

You can get it on here on iTunes, and here on Google Play.


As one of the new and vibrant talents emerging in the UK scene right now, Happi merges his afro/urban background, trendy pop sounds and a positive message to create his own musical identity that has taken him all over the world to perform. He has developed a name for himself and an ever growing fan base, in his own right, whilst creating faith based music and mentoring young people around the UK. At the age of 24, Happi has learned many talents including producing his own tracks and editing his own videos; this alone has caught the attention of some of the UK’s best artists and public figures.

Happi has flooded Social Media with promotion for ‘#BAHIF’ and along with others, we have noticed that UK Grime and Hip-Hop artist, Melvillous, who has featured on SBTV, has been supporting Happi’s impending release for some time, on his own personal social media accounts, with various images, links and posts referring to the coming of ‘#BAHIF’.

Happi has created a short documentary so that listeners can understand the backstory of his new EP.

Speaking on his inspiration for the EP, Happi says;

“It is a story of how a man can find his confidence, belief and purpose, through the guidance of faith, and hope, which is represented as an imaginary friend. We all had big dreams and aspirations as kids, we were all imaginers as we were growing up but along the way, reality made us feel like we couldn’t do the things we set out to do. This project sees me returning to those values I held on to as a child.”

We have been listening to this EP on repeat since this morning and strongly suggest that you check it out too.

Happi on Social Media:






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