Melvillous releases his newest single ‘Best Believe’.

Melvillous releases his newest single titled ‘Best Believe’, obviously!

Feels like the only person we are talking about at the moment is Melvillous, but for good reason though.

Listen to Melvillous ‘Best Believe’ on Apple Music below.

Anyone who has listened to Melvillous previous to this newest single, is likely to be aware of his infamous hook line.

“Melvillous, best believe when I tell you this!” – Melvillous

It seems Mel has decided to real-iterate and clearly establish the depths behind that line!

Holding nothing back lyrically in ‘Best Believe’, Melvillous addresses those of the opinion that talking about God isn’t the “in thing”, and reminds them that he will do what he wants, regardless of their thoughts. It’s unashamed in its approach.

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