Level up.

Level up, it’s time to level up!

When asked about the current state of CHH, UK veteran MC, Charles Celestin replied;

“I think it is not where it should be. There are many who do this thing and have no clue as to where it all began.”

Whereas on the other side of the pond, Washington DC’s female MC, Asia Star said this;

“I think the state of CHH is immovable! It’s definitely on the rise! I’m proud of our progress! I’m proud of those who are using their gifts and talents to glorify Christ! I see the CHH community, completely dominating Hip Hop in years to come!”

 The difference between the Gospel scene in the UK and the US, could be black and white – it seems? Or could it just be that our scene here in the UK is more underground?

Whilst Gospel praise and worship, soft rock and classical musics, flourish, it seems like Grime, Hip Hop and Rap have been put away on the back burner – almost as if the main culture of Christians do not fully know how to use it as a main praise and worship tool? 

Is it up to the consumers to change the way products are viewed? – maybe, but in this case I think not. I believe that all of the relevant artists in these genres need to step up and level up their qualities of musical capability, whether that be in their writing, production, promotions, delivery or their live acts. Pushing forward and carving a new era of what’s known as contemporary Gospel music, (specifically – Grime, Rap and Hip Hop). 

Within our musical communities and camps we should be paving the way forward and showing that these genres of music are not back burners but that they can, very much so, be used to glorify, praise and worship Jehovah! 

A female MC in the US recently made a statement about how many well known artists don’t put female MC’s on their tracks, as if there is a common idea that females can’t rap! 

This fits into levelling up perfectly – as Christian artists, shouldn’t we be the ones setting the standard and showing respect within music? 

It’s simply like this guys – there are amazing female rappers out there and they can spit just as good as you! So why not open your next project up to the idea of inviting a female MC on to it and represent Jesus together, fully! 

Written by Andy Oliver.

Andy Oliver is the founder of 70×7 Clothing & Music. He manages UK Grime artist, GhostLotus and J.Walker and takes bookings for other artists. Apart from running his 70×7 Clothing label, he is also the presenter of HopeJamz Hip Hop show on HopeFM and organises music events around the UK. 

Andy lives in Dorset with his son, Noah and is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. 


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