J.Walker of (TLD) Releases New Single – Runaway

Yesterday J.Walker released his newest single, Runaway alongside some awesome visuals!

Runaway is an emotional and thought out track which comes from J.Walker of (TLD)’s childhood memories of harder times, it will tug at your heart strings and draw you in the more you listen.

Check out J.Walker’s interview with His Hop Radio, where he talks more about Runaway >

“…It’s not about what you’re running away from, it’s about who you’re running too.” – J.Walker


Have you ever thought about running away? The single and video for Runaway explore the human instinct of often wanting to run away and escape from our problems.

The track ‘Runaway’ gives a destination to those experiencing such feelings.

This is the first release of 2018 from J.Walker of (TLD) who released the #UNITYmovement EP at the end of 2017.

The EP accumulated 2000 downloads in the first 4 months of its release.

J.Walker experienced thoughts of wanting to run away in his youth and came to realize later on in life that God is the only real answer to the trouble we face in our day-to-day lives.

Lines like;

‘Forget a network, I’m Jesus’ friend..’

allude to this.

The young male experience in the UK is often difficult to navigate, as seen by current issues such as knife crime and gang violence on the streets. Children often grow up poor and when presented with gang culture where they can command respect and drug sales where they can make money, these paths are often an escape to run to. Parents or often a single parent, tend to have their own issues to battle in these circumstances and can find it difficult to offer love, care and attention in these times of stress and overdue bills.

J.Walker recalls the electricity meter being empty and the tension in the house shifting, as no one knew when the light would be put back on, as mother and child fumbled around in search of a candle.


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