New Single// ‘UNITY’

Today, J.Walker of The Lion’s Den (TLD) released his newest single, in collaboration with J-Chief ; ‘UNITY’.


This track is the first release from their forthcoming EP entitled, ‘The #UNITY Movement EP’.

The # UNITY Movement EP
The # UNITY Movement EP

The full EP drop’s on September 30th!

You can download the single NOW and the EP on September 30th, from this link; 

Mission Statement

The #UNITY Movement EP was born in October 2016, out of a tangible separation in the Christian world. J-Chief and I, believed that the lack of known pathways for success in Christian industries in the UK, meant that anyone wanting to do God’s work in the entertainment industry, often needed to create a brand from scratch and start a ministry from the ground level up, rather than building on top of what has gone before. We set about remedying this by creating a Christian culture of UNITY within the entertainment industry. The movement started in London, but has reached as far as Germany.

God placed it in the heart’s of myself and J-Chief, to actively work to create more UNITY amongst Christians.

I strongly believe that in order for the Gospel scene and the Christian arts to reach their full potential, the value of UNITY will have to be an underlying factor.

When a singer or a rapper wants to spread the Gospel, the initial obstacle is usually production. You must either spend to find a producer who may, or may not be in a secular scene; you can become disillusioned or uninspired by the atmosphere that you are forced to create music in. The alternative is to learn to produce on your own, which may distract you from your initial calling, but at least this way, they develop a new skill.


Artists then need to record and mic their new, freshly produced song. As a start-up; working full time whilst recording and struggling with life’s pressures, while saving to pay for a mix that will closely resemble the quality that is being played on the radio; it’s worth considering that a low end album budget is £11,000. Ability to spread the Gospel at this stage is hindered by finances and their ability to finance themselves is hindered by a desire to spread the Gospel.

They now have a product that they are confident people will love if they hear it. A product that they are confident could bring people to Christ if their heard it and could also strengthen the Spirit of seasoned Christians. There is however, no fan base to hear it.

– They decide to create a music video; Save, Issues, Pray, Repeat and a few months later they have a music video for their hot new album/single.

– The release is imminent and to their horror; still no fan base.

– They spend time trying to get live gigs and have to target an audience one by one to compensate for their limited finances. This door to door (account to account) promo on social media, consumes more of their day than the creation element itself.

The #UNITY Movement is a departure of this model of thinking and working as it limits the ability of Christians to spread the Gospel.

Imagine living that daily existence whilst sitting in Church on a Sunday, or simply in a room with a Christian singer, rapper producer, mix engineer, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, poet, youtube channel head and marketing specialist; all of these people go through the same individual struggle.

Picture the Videographer;

Looking for a Christian Artist, with which he can showcase his work.

Picture the Producer;

Who wants an inspired Christian artist who can make their beats’ shine.

With or without currency. If these relationships were to be unified and developed to propel one another. They would, in turn, magnify the spreading of the Gospel.

I have experienced first-hand, Christians with this mind set can work together without any need for money. When both are able to eliminate expenditure, you find yourself in a better situation than you would have been, had you worked separately. And this also increases the efficiency of your work and ministry.

As Christians, we should be open to being used for God’s work.

I do have to balance this however, with another culture that exists within Christianity (just as in the rest of the world). A desire to misuse and abuse talented people. Too often, people seek to exploit others with imbalanced propositions and offers, which seek to mislead those involved, rather than being an actual help to them.

The #UNITY Movement mind state means having the spreading of the Gospel at your core. You look at another individual or group of people and say, “How can I help that person to win?” 

– You then look at yourself and your ministry and say, “How can that person winning, also benefit my ministry?” If you can engineer a win on both sides, that spreads the Gospel, you will have achieved multiple goals. Often, God might also lead to engineer, simply, what looks like a win for the other. But if your goal is to spread the Gospel – then surely that still counts as a win on your side too?!

The #UNITY Movement Gospel Rap Cypher

..Was fruit of said way of thinking and also the #UNITY Movement Spoken Word Cypher. The win here is not the Cyphers themselves. But the UNITY created and the potential generated by bringing (up to now) 50, individuals together. All with unique gifts and talents and an ability to spread the Gospel.

This single tells the story of how the EP came together, it is the cornerstone of the EP.

We think..

With such an obvious heart and zeal for spreading the Gospel and the Truth of who Jesus is; The #UNITY Movement EP is set to be a fantastic display of God’s heart for his children. The vision that J.Walker and J-Chief have orchestrated is truly inspirational and speaks volumes to the CHH scene and all those involved.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full EP dropping on September 30th!

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