International Women’s Day: How many women are mentioned in the Bible?

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018.

Thursday 8th March.

If you aren’t yet aware, today is International Women’s Day (IWD) and this years’ theme is ‘press for progress’.

International Woman’s day is more than just recognising equality for women, it’s a global accolade highlighting just how far women have come from the 1900’s, when IWD started to gain traction.

International Women's Day

We always aim to look at life through God’s eyes and never shy away from mentioning Jesus. As the world focuses on women and their achievements, we thought… Let’s do the same! So just how many women are there in the Bible?

It has often been said, “you will not find many women in the Bible” but this just isn’t true!

To date, the actual number of women in the Bible isn’t certain, but studies have found there to be over 600 unnamed women, 93 of who speak and 49, actually named. Amongst these women are some very prominent figures, Queens and leaders.

A study conducted in 2015 by Reverend Lindsay Freeman, with the help of three other women, totalled a number of 14,056 words spoken by women in the Bible. Mary, the mother of Jesus was obviously amongst them, speaking 191 words. Abrahams wife, Sarah is attributed with 141 spoken words, along with Mary Magdalene having the least amount, totalling only 61.

The most commonly known women in the Bible is Eve, she is found to have only spoken 74 words. Rev. Freeman, who also authored  The Scarlet Cord: Conversations With God’s Chosen Women’  was astonished by her findings. She told the Huffington Post;

“I wanted to know what women in the Bible really said, I was stunned to see that nobody had done this before.”

Why is this actually important, and how can it benefit us today?

The process of thought will always remain the same, regardless of gender. Humans have a tendency to be concerned about changes around them; its normal. Women are no different to men in that sense; there are things that a woman would question, that men just wouldn’t. This is why it is very important for women to have a voice in the Bible!

Christians see the Bible as a way of life. If we are struggling with things, we would normally go to the Bible for advice, guidance and in some respect use God’s word as a method of solace[comfort in times of sadness]. When it comes to issues that only women face, it’s understandable that some parallels must be drawn with situations in their lives and in scripture.

When looking through the Bible you can see how important the woman’s role actually is. Even from the start of humanity, woman was formed from man’s rib to be his suitable helper.

International Women's Day

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We are all made in God’s image and we love that women have had and continue to have, a dramatic influence on God’s plan for the world.

Our suggestion? Take a moment to reflect on the women that have made an impact on you and thank God for them. Consider what they have done for you and if you haven’t always responded well, pray that you will be forgiven.


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