Review// InderPaul Sandhu – ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’

Singer and Rapper, InderPaul Sandhu, last week released his new single, ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’, along with video.

Quitting his job to run after his dream and hustle – he found money from shows and savings could only last for so long. He thought that once the money ran out, his dream would have to as well but that has been far from the case.

InderPaul says;

“Just when I think I’m out of money, a booking comes, it’t nuts! This tune is just surrounded by feel good stories for the underdog. From co-producing it in a flat somewhere in Plaistow, to then shooting it in a mansion in Northampton, was crazy! A random phone call from a documentary team literally spun all of this off and they hooked up the studio time for me too. The maddest thing about the phone call though, was on the day they called, I just wanted to quit because I felt like nothing was happening.”

InderPaul then went on to say that;

“Somebody could easily listen to my song, watch the video and think this dude really splashed out on this one. The truth is; money played the smallest of roles in this. The currencies that got me through this project were my hustle, faith and persistence. The money just kinda’ found me.”

Just as InderPaul explained, the irony of this track for us, is that the video screams money and ‘success’, but the story behind the track and the message in the lyrics are the complete opposite. The money really, ‘Ain’t A Thing’. InderPaul is showing us that God is the driving force and the main entity behind his focus and his growing success.

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InderPaul Sandhu

InderPaul Sandhu is dropping one more single along with one more video before the year is out, so make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel to keep up to date.


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