As any upcoming artist, asked whether they want to go big and get on stages; their obvious answer is yes. But how easy is it to go from ‘zero to a kilo’? 

I recently spoke to upcoming artist, GhostLotus on his thoughts about his own progression in the music scene and these were his thoughts; 

“It’s okay but it’s dead, it needs something new, some revival, like what I think I bring to the table. 

Fresh sounds and versatility is needed.” 

Taking that centre stage on a major platform is every artists dream! From the crowd chanting your name – to your own, private dressing room, stocked with all of your favourite goodies – to the record labels sending over contracts – and the money just keeps piling in. 

Unfortunately this is only the case for a chosen few, whilst the rest toil and sow over their records, trying to make a ‘few bob’. Most artists these days, work part or full time jobs, whilst self promoting and managing themselves until they can become big enough to employ someone else. 

The music scene has changed quite a bit over the last ten years, as we have seen a surge in people buying digital music and CD’s are becoming the cassettes of yesterday – and in that change, the consumers view of music has changed, as it is proven that people spend more time on electronic devices and consequently, have shorter concentration when watching or listening to music and videos. 

Through this change in the consumer, there has to also be changes in regards to, ‘how artists can make their impressions on them with their music’ and ‘how the artist can show their work in a valued and modern way’ – Does it effect their work? Do consumers now negotiate the way in which artists, producers and managers put out their work? 

What does the future of music look like? As more upcoming artists start to self-manage themselves and they realise that the chance of getting that ‘Golden Ticket’ to a record label deal is becoming slimmer and the likelihood of simply being on a main stage, illuminated before a crowd is getting more and more difficult. 

We must pray that as a culture, we are not fading away and becoming dull to the music of today, through modern devices and that as the LP is supposedly making a comeback, that we can awaken our souls to listen once again. 

Written by Andy Oliver. 

Andy Oliver is the founder of 70×7 Clothing & Music. He manages UK Grime artist, GhostLotus and J.Walker and takes bookings for other artists. Apart from running his 70×7 Clothing label, he is also the presenter of HopeJamz Hip Hop show on HopeFM and organises music events around the UK. 

Andy lives in Dorset with his son, Noah and is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. 

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