“Healing Bread for The Nations…” No Other Name – Laura Hackett Park

Life & Death.

Pain & Happiness

Undeniable Realities

We Are All Destined For!

Not a day goes by that we are not inundated with news reports of Wars, Natural Disasters, Genocide, Slavery.

One bad news after another, then another, and another and another! Often clouding our hearts & instilling fearful uncertainties for the future.

Sounds of The Fallen all across the globe.

We claim we are too advanced for truth and we question morality. We believe we can fix it all with intellect and human invention. We boast about our victories; relying on our relative wisdoms. We trap our spirits & tarnish innocent souls; venturing further into uninhibited moral corruption, painting the earth with brush strokes of dark hearts & haughty spirits.

And then disaster strikes again…!

Maybe this time around its a Sexual Abuse Scandal or a Mass Shooting.

We rush to hold concerts & vigils; hosting meetings with the best of experts and professors to analyse and chart a course for humanity. A chart for change. Losing sight of the Peace, Hope & Freedom we so earnestly desire & long for.

Killing faith only to fail in our pride!

…Healing Bread For The Nations…

The image of blind Bartimaeus comes to mind. I can imagine him screaming, his faint voice wading through the busy, noisy crowd, his heart racing and with every shout becoming more desperate & horse. The forcing of every shout containing the burdens weighing on him. His only chance of Hope. Many in the crowd tell him to keep quiet. His shouts are probably unheard amongst the dark waves of noise, dusty air & unrelenting traffic of bodies looking for a view of Yeshua (Jesus).

The proper name Jesus /ˈdʒiːzəs/ used in the English language originates from the Latin form of the Greek name Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous), a rendition of the Hebrew Yeshua(ישוע), also having the variants Joshua or Jeshua. In a religious context the namerefers to Jesus, the central figure of Christianity.

But with a final gulp of air, his muscles stretch to release a wailing roar sound:


Yeshua pauses & turns around, its a miracle he can hear him. He scans the crowd, while they stare. His gaze locked to him, Yeshua tell his disciples to call him to Himself!

He Jumps Up & RUNS!!!!!!!

He Runs!!!

Runs for Life!

Runs for Joy!

Runs For Hope!

Runs for Love!

Runs for Healing!

Runs to See…

To see

The Way

The Truth

The Bread Of Life

The Living Water

The Resurrection And The Life

The Alpha & The Omega

The Beginning & The End

Take and Eat his body broken, Come you hungry. All are welcome…


Our first response to tragedy should be Prayer – Patheos

Written by @VesselMusicUK – Contributing Writer


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