Listen to ‘Mainline’ the newest single by Happi, OUT NOW!

Happi returns with his newest and in our humble opinion, finest single yet.

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Happi has become a renowned artist in his own right. This newest single ‘Mainline’ is yet another example of his talent.

Produced by Komenz, the Afrobeats inspired instrumental is simplistic in its sound, yet very infectious! Happi’s vocals are instantly recognisable. His famous catch lines draw you into the lyrics and his branding and design is top drawer! All in all, everything about the single is very well structured, recorded, produced and presented.

Want to know the lyrics? Watch Happi’s lyric video below.

“See my face in Blogs, you see my face on Tumblr” – Happi

Clearly, Happi is expressing that his life is somewhat always in the interest of others. Mentioning that he wants to keep parts of his life private for those who are closest to him.

It’s an endearing song in all fairness. It shows some level of commitment from Happi, how, regardless of what comes of his efforts he will always provide private time for people. That’s respectable.

If you haven’t managed to have a listen to Mainline yet, we advise you do.

We’ve been listening to it on repeat all morning.


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