Great music sells itself?

We’re in the age of self-promotion and self-management, with a lot of musicians learning how to handle all of their own business; from ‘do it yourself’ learning guides on YouTube, to other, known artists giving advice.

The age of just signing that mega deal or getting a manager to handle all of your music business, seems to be ever ageing as today’s musicians seem to prefer to go down the independent route.

Kings Dream Entertainment artist, Ruslan has recently been posting videos on artist awareness, promotion and teaching of business skills along with a few other artists like, South Miami bases emcee, ILISH, who has been informing with his pointers as well.

Personally, I think that it’s great that artists are realising that they can be independent and still sell records and even make a living from their craft.

Look at the likes of Zuby, (Bournemouth based emcee) who has managed to sell over 22,000 albums whilst never signing a record deal, on top of that, Zuby has managed to find other ways to sell and promote himself by having the first pop-up shops across the UK with his ‘Blue&Purple store’.

The awareness for artists to be able to manage themselves is a great thing, especially for new up and coming artists, but where does this leave personal managers and record labels? Is their assistance no longer needed? Does great music really sell itself?

Here’s the thing, whilst it’s great for new and old musicians to learn how to do things themselves, it is also beneficial to have management that can be your representative in the business side of music, because as you get more well known in the industry and your work load increases, you’re going to need a hand; you’ll need someone on a team who can point you in the right direction; plan your next move, push your promotion into the right lanes.

You will want a person or a team who are there for your every need, so that you can just focus on doing what you love – making music.

If you’re just starting out in the music industry in whichever genre, I would urge you to find self-management, ‘do it yourself’ videos and learn the basics to help you on your way, please remember, that unless you’re doing it full time or have friends or family helping you, eventually you will need to find some good management companies which have a few artists on their books already and who offer short contractual time periods, so that if you don’t partner well with them, you’re not locked in and can easily exit!


Written by Andy Oliver.

Andy is the founder of 70×7 Clothing & Music. He manages UK Grime artist, GhostLotus and J.Walker and takes bookings for other artists. Apart from running his 70×7 Clothing label, he is also the presenter of HopeJamz Hip Hop show on HopeFM and organises music events around the UK.

Andy lives in Dorset with his son, Noah and is a firm believer in Jesus Christ.


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