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T-Mark – ‘Deliver Me’


Temarkus Terrell Scott was born on August 29th, 1987 in Independence, Louisiana.

He grew up in a harsh inner city neighbourhood of Houston, TX surrounded by gang violence, poverty and drugs. His parents decided to move him and his three other siblings to a better environment. He was brought up with a spiritual background, nonetheless that didn’t stop him from making bad choices in life.

Temarkus is a father of one son who is 10 years of age; he is a minister where he serves at his local Church and community; he is also an inspiring entrepreneur – he is CEO of Bought Back Outreach and Bought Back Music Group.

He has featured on a number of underground CD’s with artist, Jerry ‘Change’ Sanders and is currently planning on releasing his upcoming project, ‘Made Over, The Mixtape’ in mid 2018.

You can get his single, ‘Under The Sun’, here;

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