Get to Know: Still Shadey

Who is Still Shadey?

“Wherever there is shade, a light is shining bright”.

Shadey regards himself as a brand. He takes pride in the products and services which are birthed from his music. Just spending seconds with this artist, you come to terms with the surreal passion embedded within him.

“I’m an entertainer, but within that I must inspire and educate.”

That is the law of Still Shadey’s career; ambitious to use his voice to make a change in the world. He is more than a rapper. He’s a creative. A man of true art in making people listen – something he has explained as his true calling in life; music is just the medium of which to do so.

After seven years of experience in the music industry, Luke (Still Shadey) describes 2017 as his year of breakthrough. After a series of traumatising and dramatic events that he often expresses in his lyrics, Shadey established a true relationship with God in December 2016 – which he describes as the point where he truly understood his gifts and kick started a serious career in music.

All seriousness aside, this artist seems to have found a way to incorporate such a serious chain of topics and substance in his music whilst remaining cool, charming and charismatic; there honestly isn’t a lot of artists who can do what Shadey does. With a range of single releases, all from different styles and genres; it is clear to see that Shadey is very versatile; Grime, Rap, Trap, Soul and Gospel (he can even sing too!).

His raw and unique sound has been compared to amazing talents such as Stormzy and Kendrick Lamar. He has said that Wretch 32 is one of his favourite artists, alongside creative inspiration from the likes of Kanye West and Chance the Rapper.

Still Shadey is after that Grammy – making that very clear in many rap references – haha!

– He has already got his acceptance speech planned out!

He literally breathes music, it sounds like he is rapping when he talks!

Apart from the fact that you need to listen to his music, I truly urge you to anticipate a real life meeting. Nothing is better than his stage presence at his live shows; he is a natural born entertainer.

This is truly just the beginning for this young talent, a great future is definitely in store.

Still Shadey’s brand new EP dropped last month, on December 4th.

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