Who is Monolythik?

Monolythik, also known as Charles Fairman, is no stranger to struggle and adversity. From a young age he struggled with symptoms of mental illness and alienation by peers and society due to their lack of understanding of his illness.

Spending many years in and out of institutions and turning to the streets and substances for acceptance, furthered the downward spiral and chaos in his life. DUI’s, domestic issues and run ins with the law enforcement, continued until 2010.

The final run in with the law occurred when cornered by sheriff’s deputies after a night of prolonged substance abuse and attempted suicide, that resulted in criminal charges of aggravated assault on an officer. For the next five and a half years, he battled, conquering addiction and symptoms of mental illness, until surrendering his life to Christ on July 26th, 2015.

Shortly after his conversion, he dedicated his life to sharing his story through Hip-Hop. Determined to make an impact on his community, he openly shares his struggles and the grace and mercy which the Lord has shown in his life.

Not long ago, Monolythik joined OmniGod Music Group as an official artist. On a mission to spread hope and positivity through the streets with the Gospel and Hip-Hop, Monolythik surrounds himself with missionary minded individuals to bring light to the dark in the name of Jesus Christ.

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