Get to Know: J-Chief

J-Chief is a rap artist, musician, song writer and poet, who has been performing music from a young age; his style of music is Gospel.

During his journey he has collaborated and worked with various artists, musicians, producers and singers – which has brought him to the release of his first EP, titled, ‘A New Beginning’ and his second EP, titled, ‘Anointing To The Streets’.

Through his music, he believes in encouraging individuals, not to give up on what they want to achieve in life; he talks about things he has experienced and how he got through it, relevant issues that happen today, within our society. He also speaks about his faith. Being a Christian, his main aim is to set a good example and to uplift people with his music, he reflects this message at various events that he has performed at and on radio stations such as Tropical FM, K2K Radio, Don City Radio and Hope Jamz FM.

J-Chief runs music workshops which are designed to help youth and children in the community, develop their musical talent as he mentors them and guides each individual in the right direction.

J-Chief is currently working on a collaboration EP alongside J-Walker, called ‘Unity’ and his own solo mixtape, both of which will be released later this year.

His three projects; ‘A New Beginning’, ‘Anointing to the Streets’ and ‘Feel Good Vibe’ are available to download on his website >>
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