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You Can Know the Half

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Putting his heart on display, through storytelling, captivating lyrical content and delivery, Feed’Em – London based rap and grime artist, shares the half we often keep to ourselves.

‘You Can Know the Half’ is a concept developed from the saying “You don’t even know the half of it”, which takes listeners on an honest journey of his past and current struggles in a way that is relatable and can inspire them in their own stories.

Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, both of his parents moved oversees in search of a better life. Feed’Em, born Tracy Lenga and his older sister were raised by relatives and friends. His journey to reconnect with his parents meant that he would live in Angola and France, before reaching the United Kingdom. During that time, Tracy was given a spiritual illness, known as ‘kindoki’ (translated – witchcraft). Not fully understanding the symptoms or what was required to be healed, Tracy faced constant abuse from his carers; he was beaten up, called names and isolated. He was forced to go to Church and learnt about Christianity. By the age of seven, fasting, praying and singing in the choir was his ‘norm’. This is where he developed hope in Christ, that one day he would be saved.

At eleven years old, Tracy moved to London to be with his parents and younger siblings. The battle continued at home as his parents pursued spiritual healing, whilst he was getting older and becoming more rebellious; running away from home, getting arrested on multiple occasions, chasing money and generally being up to no good, Tracy had moved out of his parents’ home in Mozart Estate, looking to bury the constant reminder that he was unclean and in need of a Saviour.

His family home was hostile and a spiritual battle ground due to his condition – his mother, a praying woman – was seeking deliverance for her rebellious child. In 2010 his mother was infected with what was labelled as cancer. She battled this infection, with days of clear victory to days of being in a coma in the hospital. On January 11th of 2011, Tracy’s mother passed away. The rest of that year was a rollercoaster of realisation, the void became deeper. Tracy slept around, partied, smoked and drank as he slowly died inside. On the night of January 10th 2012, after drinking and smoking with his flatmate, Tracy thought to pray as he was filled with the fear of death.

“I felt my heart shrinking and I knew that I was going to die. I felt surrounded and I was scared. I didn’t want to pray, though I knew that only God could save me.”

The conviction was so deep that he began to pray. By the power of the Holy Spirit, Tracy conquered his fears, repented of his sin and cast out his demons.

“There was such a great power, I could not deny it. God came through that night – I had no choice but to surrender. It was mad.”

Everything became a reality, there was no denying the fact that he was a witch and needed to become clean through the blood of Jesus and receive a new life in Christ.

“Since then, I have never turned back and I continue to pursue the life that God intended for me.”

‘You Can Know the Half’ is the story of how God saved Tracy Lenga from his old life, his current battles and how he overcame through Christ Jesus.

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