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Mesmerising metaphors and powerful punchlines, combined with a meaningful message; attracts audiences, captivates critics and conveys candour, to a culture crying for truth. 


Drawing comparisons to artists such as J.Cole, Lecrae, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco and Drake; it is easy to understand why a buzz is being created about his music. Songs like ‘Hello’, ‘Ohio’, ‘Trendsetter’ and ‘Light It Up’; take listeners on a journey from hopelessness to hopefulness in mere minutes – but what is the story behind the sound?

New York native, Daniel AMP, is no stranger to Hip-Hop and the influence it can have on the culture. Coming up in an era where artists like Rakim, Biggie, Tupac and Big Pun, were viewed as pioneers to most and the voice of reason to many. Daniel experienced first hand, the impact that music can have on a misguided youth.

New York is recognised as the home of Hip-Hop to most of us but many don’t realise the deeply rooted drug and gang culture that exists in the very place where Hip-Hop built its’ house. Surrounded by frail figures of manhood, violence and brokenness, Daniel, like so many inner city youth, found himself filling the shoes of stereotypes, as life began to spiral downward. With life lacking meaning and Daniel searching for purpose, he turned to music and quickly fell in love with the art.

I honestly believe that my circumstances caused me to be transparent because I wasn’t that way as a child but I come from that era where when you said something, you stood by it, you didn’t apologise for it. I really think that’s what drew me in ’cause I wanted to express myself badly but I didn’t know how, until I did it through Hip-Hop.

Daniel released an EP, ‘Amplified’, in November, 2014 and looks to follow up strong with his debut album, ‘Dusk Till Dawn’, scheduled to be released in May, 2017. Look for real conversation in real music – but make no mistake, this kid can hold his own and you should expect him to unload like he has a point to prove, as seen in his first released single, ‘Light It Up’.

We at Think Bigger, are big fans of this track ‘Light It Up’, it is totally in-keeping with the Hip-Hop sound, coming out of America right now. It is current, well produced, strong, lyrically and relevant. Both rappers featured on the track alongside Daniel AMP; Steven Malcolm and Loso, go HARD on their verses. We had to double take after hearing Steven Malcom, as we were convinced it was Lil Wayne or Kendrick Lamar on the feature!

This track is definitely something our non-christian friends would get down with and that is what it’s all about!

I think sometimes when people hear that you’re a Christian and a rapper too, they instantly start looking at you like – “So you do that Kirk Franklin rap?” Haha! – and honestly, people do think that – until bars start to fly – so at times I do feel the need to go off to show people that there are Christians who can match bars with the best of them.

In music, Daniel has found direction, through Jesus he has life and he believes that through music, people can go from separation to salvation in an instant.

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