Who is A.B?

Austin “A.B” Burton was born in 1993 in a city named Kilgore.
Growing up, he struggled with self-worth and self-esteem. His biological father left his mother 3 weeks before his birth. His mother met a man when he was 6 months old, and that man would turn into the father figure that he would need in his life.
Though he grew up with a father figure, A.B began to feel the weight of his biological leaving him.
Feeling worthless and unwanted, he began to try to find worth and acceptance.
Rather it be; with his homies, in gangs, sports, whatever it was, he was trying to find out “what is my worth?”
In his junior year, he started dating a woman that would eventually turn into his first love.
He found purpose, worth and something that made him feel like he’s never felt before.
Playing football and being with this woman became the only thing that made him feel worthy.
Senior year eventually came and football came to an end. With that door closing, A.B again started to feel the weight of feeling no purpose yet again. With the woman still in his life, he still had a little bit of hope but that too would eventually come to an end. The woman that he finally found worth in, the one thing that sparked the feeling of purpose in his life, eventually left him. A.B was devastated. He was broken, he was back to square one; no purpose.
He fell into a deep depression. Thoughts of suicide flooded his mind night after night. He would have thoughts of grabbing his stepfathers gun and ending it all. But his life was about to change….for real this time. In this time of depression, he cried out to a male figure that was in his life, that would eventually lead to his life being flipped upside down.
Tim Capps was his name.
A.B messaged him on Facebook and told him what he was going thru. Tim invited him to grab some coffee. While meeting for coffee, Tim extended the invitation to come check out his church. He had grown up going to church here and there but never knew who Jesus was, and had no reverence for Him.
A.B started going to their youth service and started to see things a little differently. He saw people full of joy, which he never really experienced. He experienced what community looked like. There was a culture of people loving and caring for one another, which he had never seen before. He knew the hip-hop culture, where you see hate; tearing down others to build yourself up, and using others.
A.B didn’t know what love was, he didn’t know what loving and serving your neighbour looked like. He eventually met a man named Joe McDaniel. Joe would be the man that lead him to learn about who the Messiah was, his sin, and his need for a saviour. Joe discipled A.B; he poured into him, taught him, and overall showed him the love of Christ. A.B found his purpose, his worth, his self-esteem, all these things he always looked for, were found in the one who created him.

Jesus came in A.B’s life, and transformed it. Since 2011, he has been following The Father by His grace!

A.B’s musical journey

A.B started his musical career that same year, with a love for hip-hop, he wanted to use the very thing he was raised in, to encourage and uplift others to the one who changed his life.
He released his first project “Stop The Violence” in 2012. Since then, he has been on numerous group projects with his former group “Good News Gang.”
He released his debut mixtape “ABnormal” in 2016. He most recently released his debut original studio album, “Stories From Depression” in 2018, which is arguably his best and most transparent piece of work to date.

A.B continues to make music to bring hope to the people, and show transparency to help others.

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