Get to Know: Μ.ΔΙ.ΠΞ

Μ.ΔΙ.ΠΞ is a 28 year old Christian rap artist from South London.

He grew up accustomed to a lifestyle, involving police, drugs, women and music; which soon spiralled out of control.

He very nearly missed being put in to custody. During this time he found himself fathering a child that he was not prepared for.

This is when he turned to Christ as he realised that the world and it’s ‘fix’ could not offer him the peace and stability, nor the honourable life that Jesus could.

Today, Μ.ΔΙ.ΠΞ attends church with his family and works towards innovating the business world – inspired by the Gospel of Christ.

His most recent track is titled, ‘Faith in Famine’ 

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