Who is MC Tempo?

MC Tempo is an international performing, freestyle rap evangelist and public speaker.

He has worked with the likes of BBC Radio 1s, Tim Westwood, Fat Boy Slim and Technic’s DMC Champion DJ, JFB. Through to MOBO Award winner, Faith Child. He has preached and performed at various festivals and events such as, Soul Survivor, Newday, The Pentecosal Festival and at many different churches alike. He has also worked with New Wine, Youth For Christ, Premier Radio, Cross Rhythms, GOD TV and many other Christ centred organisations.

Often performing customised shows with various DJ’s and bands, he also hosts events, each with a standard of excellence. He engages and interacts with crowds via his renowned, ‘freestyle’ antics and is known for bringing good vibes, whilst building an exciting atmosphere.


  • MC Tempo holds an unofficial, 24 hour freestyle, world record.
  • He has released 5 solo albums, including releases on ICC Records.
  • His music has been played on radio and TV, worldwide.
  • Most of his material is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

His Story.

Mark Edwards, aka MC Tempo, originally came from a broken home in Brighton, England. His parents divorced when he was 12 and as a result he reacted violently in school.

He began to write raps as a way to express the pain that he was feeling. He was thrown out of a number of schools due to bad behaviour. Whilst he was out of education, he started to sell drugs whilst performing at illegal raves around England. It was one of those illegal rave events, where he lost his hearing in his left ear, from performing on an unrestricted sound system.

A few years later, when he was 18, his younger sister died suddenly, which took his life into further disarray. It was around this time that Jesus brought someone into his life who befriended him and eventually brought him to church.

Mark went to CCK (a church in Brighton), where an Indian evangelist named Ram Babu, had a prophetic word from Jesus about him being ‘deaf in his left ear’. Ram Babu singled him out of the audience, brought him to the front and prayed for him in the name of Jesus. Mark then collapsed to the floor, before coming around a few moments later. He was completely healed and his hearing has been perfect ever since.

Mark now lives in London, where he serves the church, often travelling around to perform whilst telling people what Jesus has done for him.

MC Tempo’s newest EP, ‘War Cry’ was released yesterday, you can get it here > https://mctempo.bandcamp.com/

WARCRY includes: ‘Dynamite’ referencing the explosive adventure of walking by faith, ‘The Lion’ (and the lamb) commenting on both the might and the meekness of the messiah, ‘Rescuer’ rapping about how Jesus intervenes in those difficult seasons of life, ‘Oceans’ reflecting on being still before Him and ‘Holy Spirit’ inviting God to move.

Since the release of ‘Direct From The Heart’, MC Tempo’s rap worship style has long been paving the way for rap music to be embraced by the modern church. WARCRY is no different as MC Tempo continues to show how Christian rap has its place united alongside Hillsong, Bethel, Tom Smith and alike.


He has already toured the US, MC Tempo performs live shows worldwide at festivals, clubs and music events etc.

His diverse flow enables him to both, rap and host events over a variety of music. He is very flexible and easy to work with as he often tailors performances to the context of each event.

In a Christian context, he often pairs up with various worship leaders to ‘spice up’ songs with rap verses. He also performs tailored ‘live shows’ (either solo or with a backing band) over commercial club classics, through to Hip Hop, Drum & Bass/Dubstep through to Dance and regular House Music.

His full scale, live shows consist of a Scratch DJ, Beat Boxer, stage shaking drummer, synchronised, head spinning, break dancers and backing vocalists. Together they execute energetic and entertaining performances, conducting medleys of tracks from all genres of urban music.

Worship Rap – https://mctempo.bandcamp.com/track/holy-spirit

Hip Hop – https://mctempo.bandcamp.com/album/the-cement-mix

MC Tempo on Social Media – 



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