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Junior Walker (J.Walker) is a born and raised, London emcee. He has been making music for the past ten years. And he is also an accredited music producer – producing beats and instrumentals for his record label, The Lion’s Den (TLD), of which he is the founder.

J.Walker has built up his company to cover artists, management, promotion and development programs for upcoming musicians, along with creating a place where people can find help with any questions that they may have regarding their faith.

J.Walker has graced many stages with his laid back and intuitive rap style. Releasing three studio albums plus a mixed Gospel album, full of local London artists entitled, ‘Best of UK Gospel’. So far, he has set to embark on a year full of new tracks and two full music projects as well as leading his ‘UNITY Gospel Movement Cypher’ series, which incorporates many of the UK’s leading Gospel rappers, as they flow on different beats. All of the videos are posted online every month.

Whats new?

J.Walker has just released his single, ‘UNITY’ from his forthcoming EP, ‘The UNITY Movement EP’ which is set to be released on September 30th!

The single is a catalyst for the EP. Both are born out of a tangible separation in the Christian world. Both J.Walker and J.Chief have answered the call for more UNITY in the Gospel music industry. ‘The UNITY Movement EP’ is an amalgamation of their efforts to bring more artists together to spread the Gospel. They wanted to push the sentiment further, from cyphers to a collaboration EP.

Season 3 of the ‘UNITY Gospel Movement Cypher’ series is dropping in October and will be a continual entity, with an aim to introduce the public to people never seen before. So far that number is around 40! We have heard that there will be a VERY SPECIAL guest at the next cypher so we suggest you look out for that!

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