Forerunner Music – ‘Fully Alive’

Forerunner Music is the music of The International House of Prayer!

These anointed and skilled musicians are at the helm of something unseen in the world of Christian music; boasting a roster with artists such as Jon Thurlow, Jaye Thomas, Laura Hackett Pack, Misty Edwards and Wallace & Rachel Faagutu to name a few.

A stand-out song for me currently is, “Fingerprints” by Abi Bennett.

This song is from Forerunner Music’s album – ‘Fully Alive’.

Worthy of a film placement, ‘Fingertips’ gives the listener a real sense of grace. Abi sings of God’s endless mercy, which I’m sure we can all relate to.

What are your thoughts? Has God spoken to you through Abi’s song? Do you get the same emotional reaction?

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