Fabs announces new EP, ‘ARMAGEDDON’

We are happy to support the announcement of Fabs’ new EP, ‘ARMAGEDDON’ due for release at the end of this month!

We spoke to Fabs about this new drop and he told us that it will be a 4 track EP with a bonus track and that 90% of the content that he has written, is themed around armageddon; the ‘end times’ and the apocalypse.

It will echo the ‘signs of the times’ and the dangerous times that we are in; perilous times – of which we can see throughout the news and media. This has consequently been the influence for the content.

We can look forward to unusual beats and a different feel, one which Fabs has said we wouldn’t usually hear from him, or know him by.

The CD will be available at the end of this month, for just £4.50 and with each purchase you will also receive a FREE copy of his ‘Faith and Boldness Vol.2‘ CD!

We are really looking forward to hearing what he has in store!





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