Emerging Artist// Jordz

We were recently made aware of a young emcee called Jordz, who did a freestyle on Unashamed TV.

Jordz is brand new in the scene.

He was brought up in a Christian household, had a foundation set in and regularly attended Church but found that he was a generally angry person, especially in comparison to his brother. It started off as fighting and general misbehaving in school and escalated in secondary school to worse scenarios and mixing in drugs. Jordz explains that he was involved in typical ‘Road’ activity and had a few near death experiences over the course of one year.

“I felt like, Naa! God is actually protecting me, but I continued down my own path even though I was feeling convicted and repenting, afterwards I still carried on my way, until one Sunday when I was eighteen, I had a powerful encounter with God in Church, which made me make a decision and I chose God over the ‘Road’ life. I left that all behind and it took me around a year to fully disconnect because obviously it was hard to get away from certain ‘friends’, however at nineteen, I was out and had good people encouraging me and praying for me.”

Jordz is now twenty years old with a known purpose and a heart for God!

We will be following his journey, you should too!



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