Question, Does writing to God carry the same power as spoken prayer?

Have you ever written to God?

There are many examples of people writing to God, through God and even for God – The Bible being the obvious one – but we wonder, how many Christians are actually practising, writing to God? and do they see it carrying the same power as a spoken prayer?

If you already write to God;

Have you seen a dramatic difference in the way you approach your relationship with God when writing your prayers?

Do you find it keeps you closer to God? or is it a way of monitoring how God is interacting with you?

Do you think it’s equally important to speak your prayers out?

If you haven’t written anything yet;

Have you ever thought about taking a pen to paper (two thumbs to a screen) before?

What hinders you from writing your prayers and thoughts down?

Does a written prayer have the same power as a prayer that is expressed verbally?

Writing is an absolutely beautiful way to engage with God!

Our passion is to continue writing content that is both engaging and encouraging to all of our followers. We always aim to challenge modern culture and inspire whoever may read our posts. Actually, it might be one of the ways in which we pray publicly.

One beautiful aspect of writing to God is, finding scripture inside of your dialogue. When you are fully writing, almost mindlessly, you can bear witness to The Spirit working through your words; a written prayer can reveal so much to you.

Another benefit of writing a prayer is that you have it for the rest of your life. In times where you feel that God may not be so present, reflecting back on your writing can be a great tool for remaining hopeful and faithful. It can be both uplifting and insightful.

Don’t writing and speaking to God serve the same purpose?

The Bible says, “there is power in the tongue.”

Proverbs 18:21 English Standard Version (ESV)

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
    and those who love it will eat its fruits.

We understand that speaking anything out has an impact spiritually. Prayers are essential for our growth and helpful for working out our relationship with God. It’s very good practice speaking to God, even if it’s every morning in the car or in a familiar place with friends and family; at the dinner table etc. We just acknowledge that there is equally as much to be found when writing a prayer. We think they’re two methods of the same process, neither one is no more beneficial than the other; in fact, when included into an active prayer life, writing can only ever be more beneficial to us than pointless.

If you haven’t yet considered talking to God through writing, our suggestion would be to try it. Try introducing journaling to your prayer life, jot down your thoughts and God may reveal himself to you in an entirely different way.


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