Do Christian artists need to change their pre-Jesus, ‘stage’ names?

Switching Lanes and Changing Names.

Often, when an artist/musician has an encounter with Jesus and transforms their life, they then feel inclined to change their ‘stage’ name. As they have become a new person and have a new identity in Christ this is, for most people, understandable and is even scripturally sound as in the Bible we see Saul change his name to Paul.

I can’t even count the many variations of Jesus inspired names I’ve come across whilst I’ve been in the music scene – there are so many.

But I want to put across a thought on this. A common sense, scripturally sound thought that is..

What if artists were to keep the name that they started off with?

Why? Well, think about it. As an artist changes their name and adopts maybe, a more religious sounding Christian name, they may be set to lose all of their main fanbase from the ‘secular world’ that have been following them up to said point.

So, if they were to keep their name as it was in the beginning, then they would also keep their fanbase and thus would be able to reach all of their fanbase with The Gospel message; whether or not it be through their music directly, or evident through their new lifestyle.

Obviously, if the Lord speaks directly on the topic of changing their name, then, of course, they should do so. But if not, then it really should be their lifestyle that becomes evidently different and they should be okay to keep the same name.

And why is it scripturally sound? Well because Jesus’ main message to us is, to go out into the world and preach The Gospel; which an artist is doing if they manage to reach people and showcase their new lifestyle with Christ and new music too.

1 Corinthians 7:20 English Standard Version (ESV)

20 Each one should remain in the condition in which he was called.

I believe that this includes artist’s and their ‘secular scene’ because obviously, they would be able to reach far more people and touch more lives with The Gospel.

So please, ponder on that, if you are a musician, new in Christ and are considering changing your name or if you know someone who is; it is an interesting thought, don’t you think?


Written by Andy Oliver.

Andy is the founder of 70×7 Music.                                                                                              

He manages UK rappers GhostLotus and J.Walker of (TLD).

He is also the presenter of HopeJamz radio show on 90.1 Hope FM as well as organising music events and bookings for UK & International artists.

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