Dillon Chase won’t ‘Tone It Down’!

Dillon Chase returns with a hip hop track, encouraging Christians, to be vocal about their faith.


He raps on a boombap beat with a 90’s style hip hop flow accompanied by a constant rythmic bassline.

“Dillon Chase teamed up with OnBeatMusic and Halo Hitz to produce his entire album in two, weekend long, studio sessions. The first single “Tone it Down” is inspired by his short story about a young boy who refuses to tone down his dream of being an Astronaut.

Dillon parallels this with our desire to not tone down our life in Christ. In the same way we don’t tell pilots to “tone down” taking flying planes so seriously, because we know what’s at stake; we should never tone down our faith – for much more is at risk! Elements of the video are understood only by reading the short story out now on Amazon kindle titled ‘Drifting’.

Download Dillon Chase – ‘Tone it Down’ now:


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