Chance The Rapper: Changing the Game

Chance The Rapper is a name on everyone’s lips at the moment.

He took home three Grammy awards at the 2017 Grammy’s, just this week – for ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Rap Album’ and ‘Rap Performance’.

This post is not about the change that everyone is already talking about regarding Chance The Rapper; (the fact that he has redefined the music business’s boundaries, funding his career without a record label – working outside of the system).

As well as being an independent artist, Chance is also not categorised (or boxed) as a ‘Gospel Artist’, he is known – worldwide, as an American Hip Hop Artist who is also a Christian.

In his Grammy acceptance speech, Chance finished with the words, “I love my family, I love God and I love music.” 

verge published an article entitled, ‘Is Chance The Rapper Now A Christian Rapper?’, our response to that question is simply this;

Chance The Rapper is an extremely talented Hip Hop Artist who is a Christian and consequently the narrative in his songs reflects his beliefs. 

Really, this is not a difficult subject to discuss, in the same way that some Rappers’ content is full of guns and violence etc; because they are some things that have been a part of their lives; Chance’s tracks reflect something that is a big part of his life, his faith in Jesus Christ.

(Current best available video online) 

“Everybody finally can say it out loud, ‘my favourite rapper a Christian rapper’.” Chance The Rapper

Personally, this is the first time, I can think of in my own lifetime, that a Rapper has been in the mainstream media and the mainstream music scene – openly talking about and making music glorifying Jesus, since Kanye West released ‘Jesus Walks’ in 2004. I think Chance The Rapper is changing the game and most definitely; the portrayal of and ideas that people have regarding ‘Christian Music’ and ‘Christian Artists’.

Andy Oliver from 70×7 Events recently wrote an article for us, titled, ‘CHH (Boxed or Unboxed?)’ which discusses this theme in more detail and further explains the perception that he believes that some people and the media, have of ‘Christian Artists’ and their music and also how that fits into mainstream music.

^^ Chance is changing that.

‘A Gospel mixtape of Biblical proportions’. The Gospel Coalition Australia on ‘Coloring Book’ – (Chance’s newest album).

We will definitely be having a listen to the album and would recommend that you do too!



Written by Jade @TBTV

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